Fighting Tooth Decay with Emmentaller Cheese

On March 25, 2011, in General, by ltwrite

Recent studies found that the cheesy diet of mice might actually give them a better dental life than us humans. Experts say that if humans eat cheese in a manner like mice do, we might just actually win the battle against tooth decay.

Cheese is a very rich source of calcium. It helps in the building up of strong bones and teeth as well as in the prevention of osteoporosis. Research has also found that certain kinds of cheese actually help reduce the risk of dental problems. And that is exactly the reason why most health professionals suggest that we eat cheese immediately after meals or during meals to reduce the risk of dental caries. These kinds of cheese include Cheddar, Blue, Monterey Jack, and processed American. But among the types of cheese, Swiss cheese has the highest calcium content.

Swiss cheese is creamy, and one classic Swiss cheese is the Emmentaller cheese. This cheese is very easy to identify because it has distinctive deep holes and pockmarks. It is slightly salty and has a strong rind. When ready, the wheels of Emmentaler cheese usually weigh more than 150 pounds. It is carefully monitored to make sure that the cheese maintains the high quality associated with Emmentaler cheese. And since the Emmentaler cheese is considered as the oldest among all types of Swiss cheese, a lot of its consumers believe it well worth the additional cost in the market.

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The Emmentaller cheese looks pale cream to yellow. There are some that are about the size of a walnut, while some are small. The cheese itself is a bit salty, creamy and mild in flavor with a tinge of acidic notes in the mouth. But because the Emmentaller cheese is generally mild, it can go with any recipe.

Emmentaller cheese is great for fruit plates and complements a wide selection of wines. On top of that, it often plays a major role in quiches and fondue as well. The Emmentaller cheese is perfect for cheese-melting dishes like grilled cheese sandwiches and tuna melts because it melts extremely well. Aside from that, the Emmentaler cheese is also an excellent way of giving your kids a healthy treat its mild flavor will make your kids love it for sure, giving them the dose of calcium that they need.

A lot of people believe that eating cheese will make one fat. Even mothers sometimes discourage their children from eating too much cheese in the fear of making their kids overweight. However, you can still eat cheese, savor its taste and still remain healthy. When you know what type of cheese to eat, you will not have to worry about gaining weight or becoming fat.

With Emmentaller cheese, you can even do your teeth a favor. So go and try the Emmentaller cheese today and win the fight against tooth decay!

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